Mastering Expertship Program
Summary: How does the world's best Expertship program work? Why is it's blended approach - coaching, workshops, assessment, digital learning - so successful?
Written by Alistair Gordon 07 Jun 2020

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Mastering Expertship is our flagship professional growth program for top technical experts in a wide range of domain fields. Its been described by participants and their managers as the MBA for experts.

More than 1000 experts have attended this program.

How will my expert benefit from attending?

This is NOT a typical training program. It is delivered in a collegiate, collaborative manner, with virtually no PowerPoint. The facilitator helps create an immersive learning experience for top technical talent. And participants get many benefits, which they love. And their personal feedback is hugely positive.

The program is available in two styles:

  • Face-to-face, live workshop format. Some elements such as the coaching sessions and feedback sessions are virtual, but the central part of the program - the major workshop - is face-to-face. We call this Mastering Expertship Live.

  • Small group coaching, delivered virtually. This is a combination of two half day workshops of 4 hours, complemented by 6 two hour pod sessions (4 participants a pod). fortnightly 2 hour sessions. This delivery style has become very popular since 2020 for obvious reasons. We call this Mastering Expertship Virtual.

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We also run Public Programs for Subject Matter Experts in several regions of the world for individual participants, typically commencing monthly.

How virtual Expertship programs work

A blended, adult, learning experience

Mastering Expertship either Live or Virtual is a complete learning experience, with many elements, that runs for between four and six months.

It comprises:

  • A coaching engagement, where participants are allocated an accredited expertship coach who acts as both a navigator, trusted advisor, and sounding board for participants. Experts tells us they love working with a coach who understands what it is to be an expert.

  • An Expertship assessment, enabling the expert to get relevant and contextual feedback on how they are experienced as an expert; the use the Expertship360 tool; the coach provides feedback on a one-to-one basis.

  • Development of a Personal Growth Plan - describing the specific capabilities that the expert has decided to elevate, and strengths upon which they would like to build; built with help from their coach.

  • Workshops - for the ME Live this is either a 4.5 day workshop, or these days split in half and delivered in consecutive weeks); for ME Virtual, it is two half days workshops, with an additional six coaching pods, once a fortnight.

  • A unique curriculum - based on The Expertship Model the Mastering Expertship curriculum are designed specifically to help experts rise to Master Expert capability.

  • Manager connections - with their coach, the expert meets their manager twice to discuss the Personal Growth Plan, and the desired outcomes of the program.

  • Digital Learning - participants get access to the Expertship Learning Portal, which contains further learning assets and addition self-paced work; the participants’ managers get access to this portal as well.

  • Self-paced Online Execises - which participants complete on a voluntary basis, which comprise of self-audit surveys and then expert action planning materials.

  • Membership of the Alumni - a community of experts, post program, that enables the learning to continue.

The programs are designed to give experts every opportunity to learn in a supported and friendly environment.

Check out these six expert testimonials. These experts went on the program, and have since all excelled: here are their reflections.

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