How we coach experts
Written by Dominic Johnson 24 May 2023

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Expertunity provides a range of coaching packages for experts around the world that unleash the potential of your subject matter experts (SMEs).

We believe we are the world’s best because:

  • We have the most advanced and most deployed capability framework for experts, the Expertship Model, which is proven to work with experts from all technical domains. The Expertship Model

  • We have the most accredited, qualified and experienced coaching list. Our coaching network have coached over 2,500 experts worldwide.

  • We have the world’s #1 assessment for SMEs with a global benchmark. The Expertship 360

  • We have excellent induction, onboarding, and deployment processes and support.

Our packages

Executive coaching for subject matter experts, while using different under-;pinning concepts and differently qualified coaches, works similarly to other executive coaching.

  • Packages involve 3, 6 or 9 sessions, usually running monthly.

  • Frequency can be quicker if the expert coachee is involved with a major project or challenge.

  • The Expertship360 is deployed at the beginning of the cycle to deliver data-driven insights – how is the coachee being experienced as an expert by their stakeholder group?

  • Manager are involved at the beginning and at the end of the program.

  • We offer coachees a selection of coaches to choose from at the start, and can offer a free chemistry coffee to ensure fit where necessary.

  • We advise both HR and the manager of the expert on how to position the coaching with the coachee (it is extremely important that this is done correctly).

  • We can advise HR and OD teams on candidate selection, which when it comes to SMEs, is more difficult.

We make deployment and tracking so simple for you.

Our team of expert project managers handle all logistics of the coaching engagement, and keep the client and manager appraised about activities all the way through the assignment. Note that anything that goes on in the coaching sessions remains completely confidential.

We offer group discounts to qualified clients.

Talk to us about unleashing the potential of some of your most important experts today.

For more details about executive coaching for experts, download our primer below.

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